20 foot RiverKing

This is the only river boat you need.  West Texas TOUGH! Featuring a 6 degree dead rise, 2 inch tunnel. It is made of 5086 aluminum alloy. It comes standard with a .187 bottom, and .125 sides. It is powered by a Mercury Sport Jet. All boats can be manufactured to your specifications.  These jet boats, are built  TOUGH  for the, Rio Grande, and Pecos river conditions! If you have fished these rivers, you know exactly what I am talking about! We got tired of cheap boats, put together, with substandard materials. SO WE BUILT OUR OWN!


                                       RiverKing Jet Boat

RiverKing is an aluminum jet boat manufacturer, specially designed for use where props, are not feasible or environmentally hazardous. This jet boat, is capable of running in just inches of water.  In the hands, of an experienced driver, this boat can take you through the skinniest of water, to reach fishing holes, that no one else can access.  The tunnel hull, is designed to protect the fragile pump, from rocks and debris. The tunnel hull design, also allows, the boat to skim over areas with  vegetation growth, easier than hulls, without a tunnel.  RiverKing is also, located in the west Texas area of the  permian basin, in Midland Texas.

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